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TallyhoBob: Hello and welcome to the Forum of STMHS.I hope you enjoy what we have to offer and feel free to post anything of a military interest as long as it pertains to Ireland in some shape or form. If you have not already done so why not join us on Facebook at htt Jun 20, 2014 22:05:06 GMT
oldenburg: Glad to be on board, as an old soldier and Clonmelite. Jul 27, 2014 19:55:25 GMT
chasingmyhistory: Hello. I stumbled upon a listing for Richard C. Mangam, awarded the Medal of Honor from the Civil War. His true name was Richard C. Manning, brother of my great grandfather George Edward Manning. I am doing all I can to give him credit under his true ID Sept 24, 2014 4:29:35 GMT